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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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old janet yellen your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. the president is banking on an economist with uc-berkeley ties. he is set to nominate 67-year- old janet yellen to be the next chair of the federal reserve.
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good afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. yellen would be the first woman ever to head a major central bank anywhere in the world. right now, a live look at washington, d.c. where the president is about to make it official. if confirmed by the senate, yellen would succeed ben bernanke. his term ends in january. bottom line, it's another glass ceiling broken. women's groups are calling the appointment a victory. kpix 5's cate caugiran shows us the cal professor is joining the ranks of other high-profile women rising in the ranks. >> reporter: dr. janet yellen is making history. she is now the first woman ever to lead the world's most powerful central bank. >> it's not just that she's this, you know, a woman in a high ranking position. it's the nature of the position being economics and math and these kinds of areas that women are traditionally underrepresented in. >> reporter: "san francisco examiner" columnist melissa griffin-caen says when picking a new fed chair it's all about the qualifications, not gender.
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but the fact that yellen is breaking the so-called glass ceiling is still a huge victory. >> they are not going to say what about motherly duties, how are you going to clean house and do this job in to the extent we're moving away from that and strictly sticking to character, it's tremendous. >> i think a woman as head of the federal reserve, a qualified woman, would be a very positive thing for this administration. >> reporter: senator barbara boxer said in a statement, in these challenging times, janet yellen brings the right experience, the right perspective, the right temperament and right judgment to this critical position and she deserves to be swiftly confirmed. yellen is the latest in a line of notable women earning high ranking positions. recently janet napolitano was chosen to lead the university of california surge, the first woman president in the uc's 145- year history. there's also stanford grad condoleezza rice the first black female secretary of state. so what's next?
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>> there's only one spot that hasn't really been held by a woman yet. we may actually see this in our lifetimes. >> reporter: griffin-caen says gender will be less of a headline the more women end up in these roles. in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> yellen would be taking over at a pivotal time. analysts say her nomination could ease concerns over the debt ceiling debate in washington. today we are learning that the body found at that stairway in san francisco general hospital is likely that of a missing 57-year-old woman lynne spalding. anne makovec live at san francisco general where staff members and deputies have been updating us on the investigation. anne. >> reporter: and they also say they believe it was lynne spalding who was found here dead in a stairwell at sf general yesterday. >> this is a nightmare. >> reporter: 57-year-old lynne spalding had been at sf general for two nights for an infection. she reported feeling disoriented from her medication. that was september 21 and when a nurse came to check on her,
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she was gone. >> lynne spalding died alone in a stairwell in one of the finest medical institutions in this country. i hear that the san francisco sheriff's department initiated a search. well, evidently, it wasn't a very good one. >> reporter: not knowing where she had gone family and friends searched the city for weeks for spalding. a mother of two grown daughter's, who lived less than a mile from the hospital. yesterday an employee doing a routine check that happens only four times a year, found her body in an exterior stairway just outside a fire emergency door on the fourth floor. the sheriff's office says the door is alarmed and locks from the outside. it only exits on the ground floor. >> we do not know how she came to be in the stairwell yesterday, how long she had been there, or what caused her death. >> reporter: you can see still a lot of questions right now and there are many of them that will never be answered because the hospital says that they have to deal with hospital
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security things they don't want to disclose. frank. >> and anne, has anything like this ever happened at sf general? >> reporter: it is totally unprecedented. they handle about 100,000 patients per year. >> 19 days lost. okay, anne makovec, live for us in san francisco, thank you, anne. just into the newsroom, the man accused of operating an online drug marketplace known as silk road will be sent to new york to face charges. the u.s. magistrate judge in san francisco just issued the order for ross ulbricht. federal authorities in new york have charged ulbricht with three felonies related to his website. more bay area headlines. a driver in his 50s was killed early this morning in richmond. he was alone in his minivan when it went out of control on westbound interstate 80. it rolled over on the central avenue off-ramp. right before the crash, the chp tried to stop the van because he was driving with a flat tire. fire investigators in berkeley are trying to
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determine what caused an early- morning fire at a fourplex just after midnight this morning. the fire began on the top floor and a man who lived there says he banged on the door of every unit to make sure everybody got out safely. no one was injured, but three people are displaced now. down to the wire for bart managers and union leaders. they are meeting right now. they have less than 48 hours to resolve their differences on the contract talks. the federal mediator asked both sides not to comment on the talks. unions still say all options remain on the table. they have stopped short of giving their 72-hour notice of a strike. according to one business group, the bay area lost $73 million a day back in july when workers went on strike. we'll be following the bart talks down to the end of the mandatory cooling-off period. just stay with kpix 5 and for the very latest. it is day 9 of the government shutdown and the stakes are getting higher in washington. within the past few minutes, we have just learned the u.s. house just voted to restore
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death benefits to families of soldiers killed in combat. cbs reporter danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: at a hearing this morning, the secretary of veterans affairs said more than $6 billion in veterans payments could be in jeopardy. >> if the shutdown does not end in fact coming weeks, va will not be able to assure delivery of 1 november checks to more than 5.18 million beneficiaries. >> reporter: the u.s. government has now been partially closed for 9 days because congress can't agree on a temporary funding bill. republicans are insisting on negotiating changes to the new healthcare law before passing the bill. democrats and president obama say any talks must come after. >> we're not afraid to negotiate. but we need someone to negotiate with. >> the u.s. government is simply not designed to function with one party refusing to talk to the other with one house refusing to resolve the differences that divide it from
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another. >> reporter: another battle is looming in washington. if congress doesn't agree on a deal to increase the nation's debt limit before october 17, the government are run out of money to pay our bills. in washington, danielle nottingham, kpix 5. >> president obama invited house democrats to the white house later today to discuss the budget crisis and the debt deadline. republicans may be headed to the white house later this week. let's take a live look at the big board now see how the dow is doing. right now, it is up, although u.s. stocks have been fluctuating most of the morning. investors are on edge over the government shutdown, although hopeful about janet yellen's nomination to the fed right now in positive territory. cliff house restaurant got caught defying those shutdown orders. the privately owned cliff house is on federal land. it closed when the shutdown first began but after a couple of days the owners decided it was worth a shot to re-open. federal officials gave the restaurant a slap on the wrist last night and shut it down again. >> we've gone through fire,
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floods and everything and this never happened. >> so until the crisis is finally resolved, weddings and other events have been canceled and 170 employees right now are out of work. another victim of the government shutdown is just down the street from the cliff house. this weekend sandcastle contest at ocean beach has been canceled for the first time in 30 years. ocean beach is part of the golden gate national recreation area which is under federal jurisdiction. kids from more than 20 schools were set to compete and thousands of people were expected to show up on saturday. a stanford professor has won the nobel prize in chemistry. michael levitt is among three scientists who won today. in the 70s soffits they developed computer models -- in the '70s they developed computer models to speed up development of new drugs, solar panels and converters in cars. the winning work blended classical physics with quantum physics and the strength of that work can be used to study
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all kinds of chemistry. today levitt said the call shortly after 2 a.m. was formal at the beginning until several of his swedish friends chimed in. >> then towards the end, they had me speak to three or four friends whom i knew in sweden and each of them made a point of thanking me personally like you promised us to send that review two years ago. [ laughter ] >> you can still get the prize if you send it in. [ laughter ] >> or another friend who said, remember that night we got drunk? [ laughter ] >> in italy? [ laughter ] >> nice. the 66-year-old levitt said he was just in the right place at the right time and maybe had a few good ideas. he will share the $1.2 million prize with the other two winners. >> we'll have to hear about that night in italy though. 166 games and now comes to just one. tomorrow it's the a's and tigers in oakland in the fifth and deciding game of the american league series. the tigers won yesterday 8-6 sending the series back to the
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coliseum for one more either bartolo colon or game 2 winner sonny gray the rookie will take on the tigers' justin verlander. the winner will advance to the alcs and they win a ticket to boston over the weekend to take on the red sox. >> go a's. a tearful dad hiding his face in a hoodie. why he didn't panic when his child never made it home and ended up on a vegas-bound flight. plus -- >> as you get older you feel time is running out. >> some new hope for couples trying to start families. in today's healthwatch the tiny procedure that may increase pregnancy rates by 49%. >> it's live, it's our hi-def doppler. it's picking up a little bit of precipitation around the bay area. we'll show you where, but first, a bird's-eye view of the city of san francisco. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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use a wooden spoon to spank daughter as a form of discipline. the spoon left a panel of judges has ruled a san jose woman had every right to use a wooden spoon to spank her daughter in discipline. the spoon left bruises on the 12-year-old. the child's school reported it. the case then went to the state department of justice child abuse database. but the judges ruled the mother did not exceed the bounds of reasonable discipline because she did not intend to cause the bruises. >> i'm i firm believer in spanking and think a lot of kids need and deserve it at times but there need to be limits. >> there's no need for it anymore really in this day and age. that was something that was probably acceptable when, you know, "all in the family" was on. >> court documents show the mother tried grounding her daughter for weeks after the girl started acting out claiming she didn't have to do her homework. the daughter also started showing an interest in gang culture. that 9-year-old boy who sneaked on to a flight from minneapolis down to las vegas
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is set to return home today. today the boy's father described how his son disappeared last wednesday. >> he said he was taking the trash out, my understanding, he took the trash out, and just left. okay? it started raining wednesday night. okay? i'm a parent. i'm not perfect. we assume that he was at a friend's house. >> but he was on a flight to las vegas. the dad is hiding his face in a hoodie because he wants to stay anonymous. the boy's mother works at the minneapolis airport where he took off from. the father says he has been seeking help for his troubled son for years. and, uhm, he's on his way home. researchers say a new twist on an old fertility treatment may improve a woman's chance of getting pregnant. in today's healthwatch, cbs reporter tina kraus explains how it starts with a simple scratch. >> reporter: 36-year-old jo
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couples is hearing cummings is hear the heartbeat of her first child after struggling to get pregnant for 3.5 years. >> when you get older time is running out. dark days where you think it's never going to happen. >> reporter: jo says a simple procedure before her ivf treatment did the trick. doctors at knotting ham used endomeet trial scratching endometrial scratching. >> british and brazilian scientists say the optimal time to have the scratch is one month before iv treatment. in a study 77 women received the scratch. the pregnancy rate jumped to 49% from 29% in those with the procedure and nearly doubled the number of live births to 42% from 23%. doctors say they are not sure
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why the scratch works. but one theory is it wakes up the womb. >> by causing a little bit of damage the womb fixes itself. >> reporter: jo says the scratch was painful but well worth it as she waits anxiously for the birth of her baby boy. tina kraus, cbs news, london. >> researchers in britain say they will keep studying the scratch technique with trials on more women until their final study is released next year. it's time for weather. roberta is in for lawrence. and boy, looks pretty nice out there. >> all i keep thinking though is i keep that little tune in my hand, the weather outside is frightful -- >> we have that. >> we have snow. >> where? >> we have video to prove it. we take you to lake tahoe. hi, everybody! this is the south shore -- yeah. [ laughter ] >> okay. what do you think? >> too early! >> snow by halloween? you think? >> we got it. >> yeah. this is the south shore where we have more than a little bit of a dusting of snow. that area of low pressure, however, is now pushing out of the area. so i fired up our live hi-def doppler radar in search of
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raindrops in and around our bay area. we have been picking up some light precipitation right there to the south of stay right around the mount hamilton area, drifting across highway 101 sagging south outside of morgan hill so you will probably see a few raindrops. morgan hill and also in gilroy. so this is san jose under mostly cloudy skies. the winds are slight but the air temperature is much cooler than 24 hours ago. 50s in oakland. 64 tri-valley. low 60s san francisco. 62 currently in san jose. so that area of low pressure that produced the snow and even some raindrops here locally is sagging to the south and we'll take the clouds with it. we'll become clear by tonight and then we begin a slight warming trend. there's the core of the area of low pressure. it has a lot of cool air mass associated with it. and once it digs to the south behind it here we pick up a northwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour.
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so a bit of a chill in the air for the evening commute. meanwhile, mid-70s at the state capital. scattered rain showers around fresno back in through modesto and merced where i picked up a lightning bolt earlier this morning. 74 in ukiah and only 48 degrees in the high sierra. rain and snow in yosemite valley. our high temperature today from 64 in pacifica to 67 degrees in san francisco. got a long way to go still, 6 degrees in san francisco. low 70s in san jose when typically we should be about 78 degrees. same story around livermore, 74 in throughout cotati, penngrove and also in the santa rosa area. here's your five-day forecast. after making it all the waym cuba to florida, s that's the pinpoint forecast. our news will continue right after this brief time-out. ,,
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of days ago. the tomorrow people debuts tonight on cw 44/cable 12 and it all starts at 9 p.m. today we are frying up fish for tony's table. tony and stephanie tantillo have a salty kick to a classic sicilian sauce. >> we have a nice piece of -- piece of halibut that you seared. >> anchovies in hot oil and they melt into the oil and baste it with this. it's great because the fish only really has salt, pepper and lemon but now it has this magic anchovie sauce on top creating a new dimension of flavor. >> on the side cherry tomatoes, parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper. i'm just going to lay this right here to accompany the fish. just a little bit. how's that, steph, is that enough? >> perfect. you can use capers on top of the fish. you can cook them too but i wanted them raw. they add a nice bite. >> thank you, bella. >> thanks, dad. >> beautiful.
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coming up at 5- the governmt janet yellen is well on her to becoming the next head oe fed. just moments ago, president obama nominated the current federal reserv it's official. janet yellen will be the next head of the fed. moments ago president obama nominated the current federal reserve vice chair to replace ben bernanke who he praised for his service. the president called yellen one of the nation's foremost economists. >> she doesn't have a crystal ball, but what she does have a
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keen understanding about how markets and the economy work. not just in theory but also in the real world. and she calls it like she sees it. >> ben bernanke's current term ends in january. if approved by the senate, yellen would be the first woman to head a major central bank anywhere in the world. >> she has cal berkeley roots. >> yeah. >> great. >> go, a's! >> yes. >> go a's! >> all right. that's it for our news at noon. see you. have a great night and a great day. captions by: caption colorado
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